19 Personalized Gift Ideas That Will Make You Feel So Thoughtful

Make gifting unique and special everytime with Personalized Gifts. Here are 19 Personalized Gift Ideas That Will Make You Feel So Thoughtful.

Are you a bit confused to choose a gift?

Have you selected a gift that looks good but still afraid to stand out in the crowd

Because you just want to give your friend something special but at the same time, it should be unique.

Need a really special and unique gift?

The best answer is… Just make it personal!

Customized gifts can be monogrammed, etched, engraved to custom art, or embroidered with your personal touch.

Personalized gifts are perfect for any or every occasion because your customization is an easy and effective way to make gifts meaningful and memorable.

We’ve created a list of 19 unique customizable personalized gift ideas that will make you feel so thoughtful.

Personalized Name KeyChain

Keychain | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Pop your bag with these cute colorful Keychains!

This personalized lucite Acrylic Name Keychain is perfect to gift your group friends, a graduate friend, a bridesmaid or what’s about to gift to your daughter with

her first car?

$25 at Etsy

Scripted Monogram Mug

Scripted-Monogram-Mug | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Suits any table!

These mugs show classicism while incorporating contemporary details. The recipient will surely enjoy their beverages in this classy mugs personalized with the gold scripted initial letter of their name.

$8 at Anthropologie

Alphabet Pendant Necklace

pendant-for-her | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Jewelry is an all-time favorite gift item for her!

This is a simple and elegant gold-colored Pendant Necklace that comes in with the “one in a million” message on the opposite side and personalized with her initial.

$58 at Amazon

Family Key Holder

Family-keyholder | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Whenever someone moving to a new home… just gift this adorable and handmade key holder to brighten up their walls.

Whether it’s for a newlywed moving into their first home, a student moving to the university, a family bought a new house… this housewarming gift suits for every occasion.

$19.95 at Etsy

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

actual-handwriting-bracelet | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Wear your handwritten love notes on your wrist!

This handwritten bracelet is one of the sweetest unique gift ideas. Just capture a snippet of your love note or your child’s doodle and send them. And you will get an 18k Gold Filled/ Sterling Silver/ Rose Gold Filled charm with chain.

$28 at Etsy

Photo Serving Tray

photo-Serving-Tray | Personalized Gift Ideas

Purely Personalized Piece for Gifting!

An ideal piece in the personalization gift category. This high-quality serving tray comes with the wood finish and can be easily customized with your special photos, texts, and custom designs.

$23.97 at Zazzle.com

Decorative Monogram Pillows

Decorative-Monogram-Pillows | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Those florals with the monogram of our name initial looks… A Crazy Combination!

A statement-making addition to your room. Any room would surely look more put together with these beautiful pillow pieces. Create your own monogram pillow with your name initial.

$44 at UrbanOutfitters

Lather Bookmark

Lather-Bookmark | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Available in 18 different cute colors!

A premium handmade leather bookmark with an adorable personalization touch. Just perfect to gift these cute bookmarks to book lovers, teachers, or students.

$14.20 at Etsy

Colorblocked Monogram Journal

Colorblocked-Monogram-Journal | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

This color-blocked monogram journal is perfect to give on any or every occasion.

It will be a welcome treat to have on their desks. pick this colorful hardcover journal to write down your ideas and dreams or simply put your everyday notes or plans for projects.

$18 at Anthropologie

Make gifting unique and special everytime with Personalized Gifts. Here are 19 Personalized Gift Ideas That Will Make You Feel So Thoughtful.

Skyline Custom Pillow

Skyline-Custom-Pillow | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Why not keep one for yourself?

A wonderful gift for big-city dwellers or travel lovers. Personalization with their home address in the coordinate form, which gives it a unique and thoughtful touch.

$38 at Etsy

Long Distance Mug

Long-Distance-Mug | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Best in Cupology!

They are not just the fancy cups but still packed with uniqueness. Grab this perfect gift for your mom, dad, sister or girlfriend. Choose the states, colors, and quotes you love to be on the backside.

$18.95 at Amazon

Modern Family Portrait

family-modern | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Such a technically perfect Craftwork!

This is my favorite gift piece of this list. This personalized family wooden peg doll gift set is totally unique and perfect to gift a family on any occasion.

$39.95 at Etsy

Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone-Necklace | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

A simple & sober piece of jewelry that is truly personal!

This birthstone necklace is cheap yet pretty enough to make a perfect gift for all your besties.

$6.99 at Amazon

L&L Coordinates Bangle

L&L-Coordinates-Bangle | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Got a homesick friend?

Just gift that friend these adorable coordinate bangles, which personalized with the latitude and longitude coordinates of your friend’s home.

$20 at Etsy

Monogrammed Classic Balloon Wine Glasses

wine-glasses | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Just Classic!

Make your wine lover friend happy with these set of 4 ballon-style stemware glasses, available in five classic monogram styles. Personalized these glasses with a single script initial monogram of your name that makes it perfect to gift.

$42.99 at Wayfair

Gold Cuff

monogram-cuff | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Gold cuffs are a trendy gift piece!

This cuff is crafted well, looks pretty, attractive, and light to wear. If you want compliments this is for just you.

$28 at Anthropologie

Floral Print Sign

Floral-Print-Sign | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Who doesn’t love cute handwritten quotes…

Quotes are growing popular these days. And this Floral Print is so inspiring and beautiful to brighten up your walls.

$3.90 at Etsy

Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless-Wine-Glass | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Another thoughtful idea for that Homesick Friend!

Bring him this stemless simple glassware that comes with a golden detailed outline of their favorite state or country.

$9.99 at bedbathandbeyond.com

Burlap Date Print

Burlap-date-image | Personalized Gift Ideas - giftsxoxo.com

Make gifting unique and special everytime with Personalized Gifts. Here are 19 Personalized Gift Ideas That Will Make You Feel So Thoughtful.

Makeup your Personal Family History!

Gift this personalized burlap print to a family or couple. They would love to showcase their special dates and events on their walls.

$18 at Etsy

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