Corporate Gifts: 17 Client Gift Ideas to Say Thanks

Customer retention is crucial to growrh of your company! Here are 17 Customer/ Client Gift Ideas to Say Thanks.

You provide the best services to your clients/customers, you support them well but there is something missing in your business relationship.

Every happy relationship needs something special.

Besides a quality product and awesome customer service, the answer is gifting.

Your clients are important. They inspire you to work hard… And a gift can boost up your happy relationship.

Gifting is an easiest and traditional way to build trust and happiness in your business relationship.

But sometimes it is a bit confusing.

A client gift should be one that represents your brand. It should suit your brand style.

Here are we come up with 17 awesome Client Gift Ideas to Say Thanks.


terrarium | Client Gift Ideas

Terrariums are one of the best items to display in your home. It could be showcased on your desk, party center table or anywhere in the living room, etc.

You can fill partway with crystals, colored sand or pebbles and stones then used it to showcase whatever you want such as business cards. Your clients will remind you when they get compliments.

$21.39 at Amazon

Personalized Tumbler

Your clients will love to see their name on water Tumbler.

Succulent Planter

Succulent-Plants | Sympathy Gift Ideas

Sending a bouquet of flowers is not that effective as a client gift as you know, it won’t last beyond a few days.

Succulent planters are perfect for every kind of Client. The best part about succulent plants is that they need less care and make a positive environment. They need just a little space to brighten any indoor space.

$10.99 at Amazon

Portable phone charger

Portable-Phone-Charger | Client Gift Ideas

A portable phone charger would be quite a relief gift for your clients, especially when they are traveling.

$21.99 at Amazon


notebookst | Client Gift Ideas -

Everyone needs a notebook.

Notebooks come in huge varieties, sizes, shapes, materials, and bindings. So how to decide what is good for your Client?

Straight Advice here! Gift a notebook which has nice leather with your company colors and logo embedded.

Buy Moo x Seth Godin Notebooks for $29.99 at

Water Bottle

Give them a water bottle, they surely won’t throw away.

Power Bank

In this digital world, who doesn’t want an extra battery backup?

Coffee Box

Coffee and Friends are the perfect blends! And who doesn’t love coffee?

coffee-box | Client Gift Ideas

Gifting a coffee box which has a variety of Coffee flavors is a great gift idea for the coffee lover Client. Like this one which has 12 different coffee flavors around the world from Colombian Supremo to Costa Rican Tarrazzu and many others.

Because it is the coffee, so good to treat yourself too. Kept one for yourself.

$18.05 at Amazon

Tea Blends

In the US, 80% of households have tea in their kitchens, and more than half of the American population enjoys a cup on a daily basis, according to the U.S. Tea Association.

Tea-Blends | Client Gift Ideas

Wrapped well and book-inspired packaged Tea Set would be a great idea as the client gift. It has 9 different tea blends around the world. All smells wonderful while brewing and taste even better.

$39.99 at
also on


No need to say anything! It is an excellent gift item suits most of the categories.

Typographic Calendar

calender | Client Gift Ideas

A calendar is a perfect way that keeps your company top of the head entire year.

In these days, Typographic arts are quite trendy. So you can pick a modern typographic wall 2018 calendar that looks minimalist and beautiful in your workplace/home.

Coffee Table Book

coffee-table-book | Client Gift Ideas

Coffee table books make great presents.

If you are a small biz owner then Coffee Table book would be a great present for your client. Big and colorful Coffee Table books make your coffee table decor complete. Here are some of the Eye-Catching Coffee table Book Ideas.

The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand
The New York Pigeon: Behind the Feathers
Robert Crumb Sketchbook, Vol. 3: 1975-1982

Toiletry bag

Toiletery-bag | Client Gift Ideas

If your Client love to travel, then they will surely love this toiletry leather bag too.

Always remember to choose functional, versatile, waterproof and long-lasting Dopp bag which can carry tons of toiletries. And this bag comes in with hefty of features plus a lifetime warranty.

$39.99 at Amazon

Gift Basket

Around-the-World-Wine-Chest | Client Gift Ideas -

Corporate Gift baskets are growing popular. The answer is simple, they fit on every occasion and event. And obviously available in the huge varieties to choose from. You can gift groom baskets, deluxe fruit baskets, bakery basket or a world wine chest which is basically a type of beer basket.

Coffee & Chocolates Classic Basket, $79.99 at
World Wine Chest, $129.95 at

Beer Brewing Kit

Beer Brewing Gift

How do you make a Craft Beer lover happy? Just gift them a beer brewing kit.

Gift a kit that comes with everything basic needed to start brewing like this one.

$109.98 at Amazon

Personalized Gifts

Or gift something personalized gift item! Personalized gifts are an easy and effective way to stand out from the crowd. They can be individually personalized with the touch of your creativity, so chances are guaranteed that your client would surely love it.

Customer retention is crucial to growth of your company! Here are 17 Customer/ Client Gift Ideas to Say Thanks. Via

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